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Belly Dancer

Join us on Friday and Saturday after 9:00 for a spicy taste of persian belly dancing. Our dancers embody our culture with their fluid movement and entertaining presence.

Belly Dancing goes back thousands of years to deep cultures in Egypt, Lebanon, Africa, Europe, and more. Even though it is called ‘Belly’ Dancing, it involves the entire body and focuses mostly on the hips. The costume is called a ‘bedlah’ and involves a top showing off the belly as a beaded belt and skirt.

Hookah Lounge

Hookah is fun and social way to smoke tobacco. Because of the water filtration, the flavor is smoother and more enjoyable. We offer over a dozen delicious flavors to create a cool and delicious experience.

Live Music

Dance with us as we sing musical classics like Sinatra and Bellacini. We have a beautiful dance floor and party lights every night. Open Late!



Belly Dancer






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